Katie Mallaber: Tactile Gratification 11/13-11/20

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Katie Mallaber:                                                                                                               Tactile Gratification                                                                                                          On-View: 11/13/17-11/20/17

Closing Reception: Friday, November 17th, 2017                                          6-8pm

Starlight Studio & Art Gallery                                                                                    340 Delaware Avenue                                                                                                   Buffalo, NY 14202

Katie Mallaber Artist Statement:                                                                            To me, water signifies life, reflection, and transformation. My functional pottery reflects water and movement, which allows the user of my vessels to pause for a moment through the serene moments in my aesthetics. Using a porcelain-like stoneware, I utilize the malleability of the clay to allow me to push and pull it to make the forms and undulations in my work, referencing fluidity. I pay close attention to the way my work will be held or gripped during my designing process. Surfaces of my forms are explored through slip application or through the surface of the glazes to appeal to a variety of people. I enhance the idea of fluidity in my work by using colors that are reminiscent of the ocean or a sunset. A seafoam green microcrystalline glaze may fall down the surface of one of the swells of my cup alluding to the idea of life and growth, while a fluid blue may run down the lip of the interior of a cup representing a reflection. The touch of my hand in the making process is what connects me to the user, and once in use, brings my work to life. Essentially, I strive for my work to create a stronger sense of presence for the user through the subtle connections to life within it.

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