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Donate your shoes to a good cause!

Bring your gently used and new shoes to a Self Advocacy group meeting (or drop off at Starlight Studios on Delaware Ave., Buffalo) before June 16, 2017. The People Inc Self Advocacy groups are pitching in to help raise money for a charter bus to Albany!

Don’t forget to ask friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to donate too!

For more information, contact Rich Marino at 716-880-3825 or by email at


DEAN Holiday Happy Hour!

DEAN Holiday Happy Hour! Tuesday, December 20 from 4:00pm-6:00pm at EXPO (downtown on Main Street) in the theater district.
They have a great bar, a variety of food options and tons of space for wheelchairs! And it’s right on the train!
Please bring your colleagues, friends, and family, and forward this message to everyone you can think of! We would love to recruit some new members!

Reserve Your Spot and Let Your Voice be Heard!



More details:

Here is a flyer that the Western NY Independent Living is doing for Legislative Day in Albany. The flyer has the approximate departure time for Batavia. As for Buffalo and Niagara Falls they would have to contact Todd Vaarwerk at the Western NY Independent Living office in Buffalo. Their number is (716)-836-0822 extension 101. For the trip you woud need to bring your photo ID card. You can also bring with you dvds because they’ll be voting on dvds to watch on the way there and back. This is an all expenses paid chartered bus trip. There will be handouts given out on the way up there for everyone riding on the bus. The WNY Independent Living is providing lunch and dinner which for dinner they’ll be stopping at Denny’s in East Syracuse. There will be snacks and water bottles on the way up and back. For each pick up spot please be at your pick up location 15 to 20 minutes before the bus arrives. Please note that the weather can also play a role with when the bus would arrive at the pick up location, the ride up, and the ride back. Traffic can also play a role as well as the weather can. The bus may be changing bus drivers in Rochester on the way back. Everyone riding on the bus would be given $5 for lunch. You can bring extra funds with you if you want other things there in Albany and or at Denny’s in East Syracuse. We will be walking at least a quarter mile underground through the Empire State Plaza Concourse which is also where the food court ia located at. Please do not bring many things with you inside of the NY State Legislative Office Building (LOB) with you all. You will have to put your belongings into a bin to have the security guards search through them and you will also have to pass through a metal detector upon entering the Legislative Office Building. As soon as we arrive at the Empire State Plaza Concourse everyone will be divided into groups. There may or may not be enough time to do any sightseeing while we’re there in Albany. There will be no stopping on the way up to Albany unless if it’s an emergency. You can bring warm drinks with you on board the bus. Please keep in mind that you will probably be sitting next to someone else on board the bus. There are overhead compartments, the WNY Independent Living does not people to over stuff them and to make sure that there’s room for others. Please note too that the bus will not wait for anybody, for last year’s trip we had 2 people from the Buffalo area that were running a minute behind and the bus was just leaving as soon as they had arrived at the pick up location. Batavia is the last pick up spot for the bus and Batavia will be the 1st drop off spot on the way back. Please note too that traffic on the way to the pick up location can definitely play a role so please be careful of what time you head out to the pick up location for the chartered bus. As for the movies, they have to be rated PG 13, PG, or G.

Also there will be a Mandatory meeting about the Legislative Day event and bus trip on either the Thursday or Friday before the trip for everybody to attend. The meeting will be held at the WNY Independent Living offices in Buffalo at 3pm in theafternoon. The meeting is approximately between an hour to an hour and 30 minutes long and the meeting will have all of the information about the Legislative Day and the bus trip which people will be able to ask questions at the mandatory meeting. For those who can’t get a ride out to Buffalo for the mandatory meeting, it is preferred for people to still attend the meeting by conference call from the WNY Independent Living offices in Niagara Falls and Batavia. If needed to people planning on riding on the bus can also attend the conference call from their own telephone and or cell phone. All they would need to do is to call up the WNY Independent Living offices in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Batavia and have the receptionist there put them into the meeting.

Very important – DEAN Meeting Time and Location

Dear DEAN-ers,

Please join us for the last meeting of 2015! We will be meeting Thursday, December 3 at 2 PM at Deaf Access Services in their conference room. This is in the Tri-Main building near Amherst on Main Street. We must approve our bylaws and we will be discussing the arts and culture conference in the spring, our “get out the vote” initiative which will be going on all year next year, and an anti-bullying conference for fall 2016. Lots to do!

Hope to see everyone there!