DEAN Meeting

DEAN Meeting Agenda

March 23, 2016

2:00 PM

Meeting at DAS


  1. March 2nd Spread the Word to End the Word event at Downtown Library event review.
  2. Discuss April Arts Conference:

– Mike sent out flyer

– Can people carpool or share rides?

– Submissions are due to Mike by March 30th at 10AM. They can be submitted to Starlight Studio, Mike or Frank.

– Discuss monetary prize in categories (Visual media, written word, spoken word) as reminder

– Outreach tables available?

  1. DEAN and WNYIL collaboration on 501c3.
  • Has account been established?
  1. Discuss DD Day in general. Mike and Frank will be doing a presentation on voting. Are there other presenters?
  2. ADA Celebration on July 24th to mark the 26th Plans starting see Todd Vaarwerk for details. Parade with floats being planned.
  3. Center for Self Advocacy report
  4. Brie Bullying Conference discussion
  5. Non Driver ID event at Northtown Auto Bureau on April 23rd. See flyer.
  6. Bruce’s event.
  • Roundtable discussion, any announcements?
  • Next Meeting date? Location?




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