ILGR helps Batavia couple with disabilities to replace a bad roof section by securing a grant from Home Depot

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Independent Living of the Genesee Region (ILGR) is delighted to have played a role in replacing a portion of a residential roof whose leaks had caused heavy damage to the home’s kitchen, its furnishings, floor and electrical system, and created a mold problem. The potential ultimate consequence could have been the collapse of that part of the home. Wishing to remain anonymous, both the husband, a US Military Veteran, and his wife, who volunteers at ILGR, have disabilities that prevent their working, and left them without means to repair it themselves.

The couple had sought assistance from various programs, without being able to qualify for them. But ILGR staff connected them to the Community Impact Grant Program (CIGP) of the Home Depot Foundation, which helps improve existing homes or buildings, with the involvement of an IRS-registered tax-exempt public service organization, and with the actual work to be done by volunteers from the community. Once they were approved in December 2015, the Foundation provided a $2,000 gift card, which purchased materials for the highest priority repair, the roof, to stop the leaks and ongoing damage, and also some electrical wiring. The “sweat equity” was provided by relatives and friends of the family who had some skills in home building, and recently completed the roof work.

The family is looking into used cabinets and kitchen furnishings, and is saving up their limited funds for work on the next priorities, repairing the damaged floor and electrical system, and remediation of the mold. They are very grateful for the kindness of the Home Depot Foundation, the support of friends, and the initiative of the staff at ILGR, which enabled them to have a home that is becoming increasingly livable.

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