Learn about Finding Accessible Housing at a Seminar in Buffalo


The legal rights of people with developmental disabilities who are seeking appropriate housing and some practical techniques to secure it will be explored in a FREE Accessible Housing Education Seminar. It takes place on Tuesday June 14, 2016, from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM, in the Job Club Room of Western New York Independent Living, Inc. at 3108 Main Street (near Highgate Avenue; enter from the off-street parking lot behind Jim’s Steakout), Buffalo, NY.

In addition to explaining the Fair Housing Act and other measures that bar disability-based discrimination, presenters will provide information and resources for navigating a provided regional list of housing options and other opportunities, advocating for reasonable accommodations and environmental modifications, and securing referrals and promising locations. Housing Specialist Desireé Wlodarek of The Balancing Incentive Program at Independent Living of Niagara County, and Todd Vaarwerk, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy at Western New York Independent Living, Inc., will make a PowerPoint presentation as part of the Seminar.

Anyone who is interested in attending should register by calling Desireé at (716) 284-4131, ext. 218; or by email at dwlodarek@wnyil.org.

“Developmental disabilities” encompasses a number of central nervous system impairments that occur before age 22, including: cerebral palsy; epilepsy; autism; spinal cord injury; traumatic and acquired brain injury; learning disabilities such as dyslexia (reading disabilities), dysgraphia (writing disabilities), and visual tracking disorder; cognitive disabilities, Down Syndrome, and others.

The Western New York Independent Living, Inc. family of agencies offer an expanding array of services to aid individuals with disabilities to take control of their own lives.

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