New blogging group formed!

And here is our first blog!

Starlight Bloggers write about ADA Event:

On July 26th 1990, George Bush signed the ADA. We did not know then how far we would come. Twenty-five years later, over 600 people met at Canalside in Downtown Buffalo to celebrate. Our party started with speakers and music. Then some of our most creative minds read poetry. Janet Harrison of Starlight Studio and Art Gallery read, “Stars in Jars”, “California”, and “I Turn Around.” She also read “Buffalo Bill” in honor of the late John Harold Gordon, a former Starlight poet. After that, she read “Proclamation” and “Death to the Demon Seed” written by the Poet AIC. It was great to see the ‘City of Good Neighbors’ come together to support each other and this cause. We look forward to the next 25 years!

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