The Ten Year Commemoration

Written By: Andrew Isadore Calderon

This is dedicated to the entire starlight nation
This is the commemoration
The ten year celebration
One decade since the inauguration
The light began to shine bright
In the world of artistic creation
In the beginning my words were prophetic
Now! The whole world wants to bear witness to the beautiful light
That makes the light magnetic
The Father of The Light is Marc Hennig
The Mother of The Light is Carrie Marcotte
Ten years ago!!!
There was the spark that started the fire
Ten years later!!!
The fire still burns bright as well as red hot!!!
The light will shine bright and will last forever
Whether you like that or not!!!
Ten! The usual number of our fingers, of our toes
It has been ten years!!!
Or 3,652 days since the start of Starlight Studios
In ten years!!!
A room full of people
Have become The Family of The Light
Together putting on Artistic, Creative, Poetic shows.
Honestly I saw the light in the year 2005
When the light began to shine I finally felt alive
I could go for mine
I could strive and thrive
Before I saw the light
I used to spend all my time watchin’ television
And for ten years now
I been goin’ on Artistic, Creative, Poetic, missions

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